Student and Graduate testimonials of their experiences throughout the term of their course

GRADUATE PROFILE - Bachelor of Science degree in Analytical Science with Product & Process Development



I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Analytical Science with Product & Process Development at the Institute of Technology Tralee which enabled me to  progress my career in the science field.  I found the degree enhanced my knowledge and analytical techniques and prepared me for industry.


This qualification enabled me to secure employment initially as a Laboratory Analyst and later as a Quality Control Chemist with Astellas Ireland Company Ltd  in Kerry.  Astellas is a global leader in pharmaceuticals. At the Kerry Plant, Astellas is involved in the manufacture and packaging of immunosuppressant pharmaceutical products used in the treatment of patients who have received an organ transplant.


My current role with Astellas as a Quality Control Manager is to ensure that the product meets the highest quality standards. This involves the management of all aspects of the laboratory such as the employees, testing and the development of work practices to maintain quality and compliance and to enhance company competitiveness.


I have subsequently returned to the Institute of Technology Tralee and completed my Masters in Business Administration which has complemented my science background and allowed me to get involved in other aspect of the business at Astellas from strategic level.

GRADUATE PROFILE - BA (Hons) in Culinary Arts

Louise Brosnan


I began my journey as a student in the I.T Tralee in 2004 when I joined the Higher Certificate in Professional Cookery. This was a 2 year course which was a great starting tool which provided students with culinary abilities and knowledge such as knife skills, Food Nutrition and Food Science, Gastronomy to name a few. During these 2 years I took part in some culinary competitions with the college. We entered a team event in the Educater competition where we took part in a cooking challenge and took second place for starter and first for our dessert. In 2006 I had the opportunity to enter the Bord Bia Irish Pork competition and made it through to the finals in Dublin Institute of Technology where I was proud to claim 1st place.


I decided to return to college a few years later to purse a BA in Culinary Arts. This course was more focused on academia rather than culinary and provided me with knowledge of kitchen management, contemporary cuisine, food product development and statistics.


On graduation, I joined the Global Village Restaurant in Dingle as Chef de Partie. The restaurant has a strong belief in using local ingredients and Irish produce, a belief that I share. Whilst working in the Global Village I had the opportunity to take part in a programme on TG4 called Mi na Mealla and the following year I was asked if I would participate in a programme called O Cuisine where chefs from around Ireland would present and cook a 3 course meal in Irish.


In 2014 I returned to IT, Tralee for the third time to complete the BA (Hons) in Culinary Arts.


This year I entered a team event in the annual Catex competition in Cook/Serve along with 5 other students and an individual event of Irish Pork. The college did very well at this event taking home several certificates of Merit, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze. We received a bronze in our team event and I got silver for the pork dish.


I am currently still working in the Global Village which has received many accolades in the last few years such as Best Emerging Irish Cuisine in the Restaurant Association of Ireland awards in 2013 and Best restaurant in Kerry of the same year.  The restaurant appears on the Michelin guide and Lucinda O Sullivan’s best places to eat listing. 


The education and opportunities I have received from the I.T in Tralee will stay with me forever and will always be looked at as the back bone of my career. A special thanks to the lecturers for that in particular the Head of Department Chef T.J O’ Connor.

Mark Murphy GRADUATE PROFILE - Advanced Certificate in Professional Cookery


'I graduated from IT, Tralee in 00 having completed the Advanced Certificate in Professional Cookery. The college gave me an appetite for the industry and really pushes students to be the best in their field. I was lucky enough to receive a Johnson and Wales Scholarship to Rhode Island in the States and I know the experience that I received in IT, Tralee has and will definitely stand to me in this profession.'

STUDENT PROFILE - Bachelor of Business (Honours)

Catriona and Nuala Dineen


Why did you both choose this course?

Catriona: We both enjoyed Business as a subject in school and personally, I felt it would give me a number of future career options through the broad range of modules. The choice of three different streams i.e. accounting, marketing or management with specialisation in one area for the final years of the course, gives students a chance to experience elements of all areas before making a choice based on performance and experience in the first two years.

What attracted you to IT, Tralee?

Nuala: It is a local College close to home. Some of our friends and cousins have been past students and all had positive stories. On open day the staff and student buddies were very friendly and helpful.

What do you think of IT, Tralee?

Catriona: There is a great atmosphere in the College. The staff are very helpful, friendly and approachable. The student services, careers office and access office are brilliant.

Nuala: The lecturers are very helpful if you need to ask them anything. There are a great range of activities and societies you can get involved in.

Tell us about the facilities in the college:

Caitriona: The new library facilities are excellent with brilliant online resources and project rooms for group study within the library. The Cube reading room is a lovely area where it is easy to carry out online research and is a central focal point for all students.

Nuala: IT, Tralee has a range of support facilities available if you need them and wonderful canteen facilities!

GRADUATE PROFILE - Civil Engineering

James Sayers



Current Employer: Now working with Kerry County Council (Kerry National Road Design Office).
Secondary School Attended: Tralee Community College, Clash, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

Why did you choose this course?

I was always intrigued by the design and construction of infrastructure from an early age so the obvious course of choice for me was Civil Engineering. I wanted to work on the design and construction of large projects and Civil Engineering would provide me with the required skills. There is no greater employment satisfaction than a successfully completed project that will meet the present and future needs of the population.

What attracted you to IT, Tralee?

I considered the courses available by a number of colleges and found the ITT provided a very good Civil Engineering course with all the key subject areas covered.

How relevant was this course to your current work?

The Civil Engineering course at ITT is very relevant to my current work and the Institute is very good at keeping up to date with current developments in the engineering industry.

Any advice for someone thinking about going to IT, Tralee?

There are many excellent courses provided by ITT, select the course that best suits your talents. The ITT is a great college and I would say make full use the resources available within the college. Do not be afraid to ask a question or discuss some element of the course with a lecturer.

STUDENT PROFILE - BSc (Hons) in Manufacturing Engineering Management

Orla OConnor


Why did you choose this course?

I completed the BEng in Mechanical and Electronic Engineering at the IT, Tralee and I wanted to further my education. The combination of work placement and study in this programme really appealed to me.

What attracted you to IT, Tralee?

While I was in secondary school we took part in an Engineering Taster Programme at the Institute where we got to see what the college had to offer and I really enjoyed the practical we were allowed to do on the day.

What do you think of IT, Tralee?

There is a great atmosphere at the college and the lecturers are easy to talk to. There is a wide range of clubs and societies for students to take part in which I really like.

What do you think of the accommodation in Tralee?

I’m lucky enough to live at home while I study. However there is a lot of good accommodation around Tralee for students if they decide they want to live in student accommodation.

Please comment on the particular aspects of college life you enjoy.

What I have enjoyed most about my college life is being introduced to new and interesting things. I’m taking part in different clubs and societies that I never took part in before and made many new friends.

GRADUATE PROFILE - BA in Interactive Multimedia

Emma Higginson


Why did you choose this course?

I chose the course because I always had an interest in media, publishing and broadcasting. The course was broad enough so that I could try my hand at many different disciplines but the subjects were also related. I figured it would give me a good bearing on the media industry in general while I was still able to specialise through electives.

What attracted you to IT, Tralee?

The IT has a good reputation and the campus is well equipped. The TV and Radio studios were accessible, as was the equipment.

How relevant was this course to your current work?

The course and particularly my work experience in third year was very relevant to me starting my company Webel Media. Covering subjects like law and business administration in college has come in very useful at times.

Any advice for someone thinking about going to IT, Tralee?

I'd advise people to just go for it, get stuck in academically and enjoy it. Make the most of the events and sports on and off campus because everyone misses college when it's over.

Damien Moran GRADUATE PROFILE - BSc in Computing with Software Development


‘I am currently an AssistantManager with Deloitte in the enterprise Risk Services department. I specialise in the provision of information security consultancy services to our clients, providing services such as information security program development, security assessments, ethical hacking, penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, application security reviews and secure architecture design.


My experience of IT, Tralee was very positive, with many great lecturers, excellent facilities, well structured courses, good links with industry and the opportunity of valuable real world work experience which was of great benefit to my career. IT, Tralee provided me with an excellent grounding in Information Technology that has been of great help in my career to date. IT, Tralee had cutting edge facilities, the people were great, it was well resourced and the social life was always fun!’

Steve Clifford STUDENT PROFILE - BA (Hons) Music Technology - 2nd Year


Steve Clifford - I chose Music Technology at IT, Tralee because of the broad range of modules and the state of the art facilities that allowed me to produce and record industry standard recordings. Music Technology also introduced me to music theory as a foundation for music production. The practical element of course is very enjoyable. The lecturers are also very friendly and approachable and this creates an enjoyable learning atmosphere.


I am a member and currently Chairperson of the Music Society. The Music Society runs Open Mic nights and there are several lunchtime concerts scheduled throughout the year in North Campus. I’ve enjoyed being a part of different societies and an officer of the students union. I was able to meet new people and make lots of new friends. I would suggest everyone to get involved with as much activities possible and enjoy the nightlife that Tralee has to offer!


If you are thinking about coming to Tralee then I would suggest two things, come to the Open Day and take a trip down town. Take in as much of the college/campus and surrounding area. Then you can decide whether Tralee is the place for you to earn your degree. I haven’t looked back.

STUDENT PROFILE - BSc (Hons) in Pharmaceutical Analysis with Forensics

Alan Egan


I’m a mature student and the location of the college is very convenient tome. I decided to study Pharmaceutical Analysis as ultimately I want to get in to cancer research or drugs research and the forensics element of the course seemed very appealing.


I have particularly enjoyed Chemistry and Biology as I hadn’t studied these subjects before. It wasn’t difficult to get to grips with this element of the course and I find once you keep on top of your studies it is very manageable.’

GRADUATE PROFILE - BSc in Health and Leisure

Hazel Byrne


Why did you choose this course?

I really enjoy sport and being physically active and I thought it would be great to get a career in something I love.

What attracted you to IT, Tralee?

The course is very varied. You gain great experience working with young children and older adults, helping them to be more physically active . The course is excellent and you can gain so much from it.

What do you think of IT, Tralee?

I thought the IT, Tralee was brilliant. The course is challenging but the Health and Leisure lecturers are great and are willing to help you as much as possible.

What about the facilities?

The facilities are of a good quality. Because of the nature of our course we use a lot of the sports facilities such as an aerobic hall, gym, swimming pool, etc. The IT, Tralee has done a great job for the health and leisure course giving us as much experience as possible in working with people to be more physically active.

What have you enjoyed most about studying in Tralee?

The part of college I really enjoyed was meeting a lot of new people and doing something I love.

STUDENT PROFILE - BSc (Hons) in General Nursing

Declan Corcoran


Why did you choose this course?

My career to date has predominately involved dealing with people through customer service. However I always felt that I wanted to do more, to help people at higher level. Having researched my options I felt that nursing would fulfil this need within me.

What attracted you to IT, Tralee?

I had been living in Laois but as part of a “grand plan” I decided to change careers and go back to college.We had family ties in Kerry and the reputation of the Nursing Department in IT, Tralee had a big bearing on our decision to relocate here.

What do you think of IT, Tralee?

My experience here has been very positive. The lecturers are excellent, the college is a very open place so the lecturers are always accessible and there is always a helping hand if you need it.

What about the facilities?

The facilities in the Nursing Building, Sólás, are excellent and the new library is second to none. As a mature student with family commitments I found WebCT invaluable, being able to access course notes from home really helped me to stay on top of my studies.

What have you enjoyed most about studying in Tralee?

I fear that this may sound a little corny, but what I most enjoyed about my time in Tralee was the fact that, while my motivation may have been to help others, I found that the experiences and knowledge that I gained helped me to mature and grow as a person. A large portion of our course was spent within the clinical environment where learning opportunities came from observation and participation. This is an area where, as students, we come face to face with every day people; here we are afforded the privilege of being present in the good times and the not so good. I have never once sighed at the thoughts of going into work as a student nurse and I feel that a lot of the reason for this is due to my time in IT, Tralee.